How to Make Your Mobile Phone Run Faster



There’s no doubt that the majority of mobile phone users are using android. Since the first android device was released, the number of android users have magnificently increased worldwide.

Be that as it may, using an android phone can sometimes be a pain especially the lower-end phones. Depending on how it’s used, an android device may develop some certain frustrating malfunction like lagging, hanging, freezes, constant restart, overheating among many others. This, in turn, can make using and android phone very frustrating sometimes.

However, there are some things you can do to speed it up and maintain better performance.

1. Update Your Phone

Android phone OS is often updated by the developer to improve the software or improve the security of the phone. So, make sure your phone is always up-to-date as this can significantly improve the performance of the said phone.

2. Uninstall/Disable Unused App

Some apps often run in the background even when you are not using them. These apps can use up some spaces in your phone. It is quite advisable to get rid of any app you don’t use. Some default app may not have the uninstall option, you can disable such app instead.

TO uninstall or Disable unused goto Setting > Applications > Select the app and tap uninstall or disable

3. Delete Cached Data

It is a good practice to regularly delete application cache data. This deletes unused data stocked up by apps in your phone. You’ll never believe how actions as simple as this can improve your phone performance.

To clear your App Cached data


goto Settings > Apps >Tap each app and tap clear cache under data storage.

4. Reduce or Turn Off Phone Animation

The android operating system is known for transitions and animations which makes the operations sweet and enjoyable. However, this can be detrimental to so older low-end phone, as this may cause the phone to lag from time to time.

To turn off these animations do the following:

Go to Settings > About phone and scroll down to the System section to look for the Build number. Tap on it seven times and you should see a message about being a developer. You can now go back to the previous menu and you should see Developer options listed under System. Head in there and scroll down to find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Tap each in turn and set it to .5x or off. Pick an option and find out what suits you, if you don’t like just go back in and change the values again.

5. Turn off Background Sync and Background App Refresh

There a couple of apps in every android phone that’s responsible for downloading/uploading phone data or file into the cloud. Example include Google Drive, Mail Apps, weather etc. These apps can be stopped from running in the background to improve the performance of your phone. However, this may make you miss mail reception and features that depend on background sync to work properly.

To turn off sync for some apps, go to Settings > Accounts > Select an Account and Turn off auto-sync for anyone you do not want.

6. Use Third-party Cleaner App

You can use apps like CCleaner, Files by Google to regularly clean up unwanted junks from your phone.

7. Perform Factory Reset

If After using all the methods above your android phone still remain the same, then it is advised to perform a factory reset of the phone.

Please note that performing a factory reset of your phone will wipe every data on your phone and restore the apps and setting as it was from the manufacturer. So proceed with caution.


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