How to restore closed tabs on Google Chrome automatically



Have you experienced a situation whereby you mistakenly clicked on the white space instead of clicking ” restore” when google chrome restore tabs pops up after restarting your Pc?. This experience might be annoying and frustrating especially when you have important pinned tas opened.

Good news. You can automatically restore all closed tabs by just installing a simple google chrome extension called SESSION BUDDY

The Chrome extension aims to provide you with unified sessions and bookmarks manager, which will allow you to save open tabs and restore them later easily. Along with that, it also lets you manage all the open windows and tabs in one place, organize saved tabs by topic, search through all open tabs to find the one you’re looking for and even export tabs in a variety of different formats.

Here’s a brief tutorial on how you can restore Chrome tabs after a restart using Session Buddy:

Step 1: Follow this link to the Chrome Web Store and install Session Buddy by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.


Step 2: Click on Add extension in the following prompt to proceed with the installation.


Step 3: Click on the Session Buddy icon to the right of the Omni bar to open up the extension.

Step 4: Click on the Save button in the top right corner to save your current browsing session, along with all the open windows and tabs.

Step 5: Give the current session a name in the following prompt and then click on OK. In case you don’t want to name your session, you can also check the box next to the Never ask for name option.

Session Buddy now saves all your tabs, and you can easily access them by selecting the session from the Saved Sessions list to the left. Now if you don’t want to bother saving sessions manually, you’d be glad to know that the extension also saves sessions automatically.

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