You no longer need an Antivirus



What if I tell you that you no longer need antivirus on your system? That would sound impossible right? Yeah, I can relate to that. But in technically, what I really mean is, ever since Microsoft release of Windows 10, users rarely have any need to install an antivirus program on their Windows PC.

This is why

The Windows 10 operating system now comes with an antivirus of its own. Microsoft developed an antivirus to combat viruses, malware and other security issues.

Windows Security as it is called is not actually new to the Microsoft windows. the truth is Microsoft Defender program has always been there all along but is hardly used. In a nutshell, the antivirus program wasn’t given enough attention until Microsoft made Windows 10. A lot of features have been added since then in order to make it more effective.


Now speaking of the performance of the Windows Defender. I will say right now, The windows defender is good enough to protect your PC without the intervention of any other software.

Although, during the first period of its release, the software did show a lot of promising features in combating security threats while users around the world slowly accept it. And as time goes by, with frequent updates, Windows Defender gained more trust from those who decided to give it a try.


However, Microsoft ensures to update the virus definition from time to time, in order to keep up with the recent threat indexes and practices.

In terms of detecting threats, the windows defender has proven to be effective. It kicks in as soon as you plug in an infected drive, stops malicious apps from running as soon as they are detected. It also has cloud base protection as well as malware and ransomware.

Why you do not need another antivirus.

  1. Installing another antivirus program on your system will deactivate Windows Defender on your system.
  2. Based on popular cases, many antivirus programs slow down the PC, causing the system to become very slow. This is due to the constant background scan and operations.
  3. Most antivirus program out there is paid. This means you have to upgrade to a paid version before you can have the maximum protection from the program.
  4. Antivirus with outdated virus definition often exposes your PC to threats and makes your PC vulnerable.

What you should do?

If you are using Windows 10, then you have Windows Defender pre-installed. All you need do is ensure to update the antivirus regularly and make sure the virus definition is constantly updated too.



Why go through the stress of getting a paid antivirus program when you already have an effective one for free? Surely, you do not have any reason to feel insecure with your system after paying so much for a paid antivirus program when you have a good preinstalled substitute.


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