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Google loses high profile employees

Recently reports are coming from Google claiming that they’ve lost two key employees within their smartphone division…which might not be the best sign for their Pixel brand that’s struggling for a position in the smartphone market.

Marc Levoy, head of the Google Pixel camera team, and Mario Queiroz, Google’s smartphone lead, have both exited the company over the past couple months.

Marc Levoy is probably going to be the most troublesome departure, considering the cameras have been the selling point for Pixel phones since their inception, and he had a direct hand in that. Levoy has a long career in science and was a crucial piece in developing some excellent camera tech at Google, and losing him is bound to hurt future Pixel development.

Mario Quieroz who has also been with Google for almost a decade, also exited the company which a little less unusual. Executives change companies after they feel like they’ve reached their peak somewhere, so that move makes sense, but as a veteran smartphone guy, it’s still not great to lose him with the timing, either.

Also coming from the source is the Information that there was some internal strife over the Pixel 4’s middling battery. Rick Osterloh, Google’s head of hardware, complained about the bad battery life in the Pixel 4 in a meeting just weeks before the phone’s launch. That’s a strange squabble to have considering battery life should be planned and accounted for at the beginning of a product’s development cycle, but clearly there’s a disconnect between what Google and their own head of hardware expects out of a phone.

It’s not clear why both left, but it could boil down to Pixel phones just failing to set its pace in the market. The internet has been fuming with troublesome Pixel rumors over last year. Hopefully, we are hoping the Pixel 4a can reignite some excitement for the brand.


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