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Motorola Edge Plus is the most reliable flagship that Motorola has published in recent years, with top-notch specs, display, and 5G connectivity. It’s also the priciest phone released by the brand, meaning the competition is even more difficult between the Edge Plus and competing flagships.

The new Motorola Edge Plus is a device in a different style from the Razr. Instead of a unique form factor or background set, it’s an Android flagship that’s very similar to every other top Android device that’s available in 2020. But while it might not be a head-turning phone, the $999 Verizon-exclusive Edge Plus benefits where the Razr failed: it’s a great phone. But in today’s congested high-end phone market, is “great” good enough to matter?


As the more premium smartphone sibling of the Motorola Edge, the Edge Plus is the brand’s first serious foray into flagship region in years – and it’s 5G-capable, too.

The Edge Plus isn’t really a rebranded Z-series phone; it’s a wholesome start for the company’s product line, a device pushed to extremes, and which can compete with the best Samsung Galaxy and Apple handsets – along with the growing number of 5G phones.

The Edge Plus’ hardware here is a great quality if a little generic in design. If you’ve seen any other 2020 Android phones, the Edge Plus fits right in the lineup: tall aspect ratio, glass sandwiched between two fingerprint-acquiring slabs of glass, a hole-punch camera on the front, and barely any bezels to be consulted.

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If not for the Motorola logo on the back, it’d be easy to imagine the Edge Plus as another Samsung S20 variant. The specs are similarly on a par with the best of Android today, with a Snapdragon 865 processor, Qualcomm’s best and fastest processor for phones. Combined with 12GB of RAM, it’s hard to find a task that challenges the Edge Plus. Review, even when playing graphically demanding games like Asphalt or Fortnite, was excellent, and regular day-to-day email, social media, and messaging apps run easily.



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