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Xiaomi Accused of remotely Collecting User data

Recently accusations have been coming upon one of China’s mobile giant Xiaomi, that it has been remotely collecting amounts of private data from unsuspecting users

Forbes recently reported That “The device was also recording what folders one opened and to which screens one swiped, including the status bar and settings page. All of the data was being packaged up and sent to remote servers in Singapore and Russia, though the Web domains they hosted were registered in Beijing. It wasn’t just the website or Web search that was sent to the server. Xiaomi was also collecting data about the phone, including unique numbers for identifying the specific device and Android version. Metadata could “easily be correlated with an actual human behind the screen.”

But all claims have be denied by the company saying its doing so strictly within legal limits.

Xiaomi’s phones are known to be cheap, offering powerful specs for prices below what more mainstream manufactures like Samsung, Huawei, Htc etc would offer. The firm has seen great success with this tactic, even beating out Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo last quarter. Its seeming disregard for privacy now serves to call into question the hidden costs of their smartphones being cheap.

In response to the claims, Xiaomi was disappointed to read the recent article from Forbes saying “We feel they have misunderstood what we communicated regarding our data privacy principles and policy. Our user’s privacy and internet security is of top priority at Xiaomi, we are confident that we strictly follow and are fully compliant with local laws and regulations. We have reached out to Forbes to offer clarity on this unfortunate misinterpretation”

Although Forbes provided Xiaomi with a video made by Gabi Cirlig (a security researcher) showing how his Google search for “porn” and a visit to the site PornHub were sent to remote servers, even when in incognito mode, the company spokesperson continued to deny that the information was being recorded,”.


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