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Google Photo brings Update for iOS users

The Google Photos app recently released an update for iOS platform. The update adds several useful new features, including the ability to trim video clips, add filters, crop, and make adjustments like exposure, contrast, and saturation.

Most of the variety of filters includes an “Auto” filter that adjusts ones video. There are also manual adjustment controls, divided into a Light menu (for exposure, contrast, whites, highlights, shadows, blacks, and vignette sliders) and Color (to adjust saturation, warmth, tint, skin tone, and deep blue). Simply tap the “edit” button when previewing a video, and you’ll be taken to the new editor, which adds several new tabs, in addition to the existing “export frame” option.

Although the new iOS features are similar to the ones that have previously been seen in a redesigned editor that Google is working on for Android, it’s not clear when Google will be officially releasing that update but with the iOS editing tools already available, it’s likely that the Android version isn’t too far behind.


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