Microsoft Edge Switches to Chromium Base

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Since the first release of Microsoft Edge in Window 10, the new Microsoft browser has struggled to get the needed attention by the internet users. With browsers likes Google Chrome and Opera browser out there, there seemed to be no chance for the Microsoft windows default browser, until now.

Microsoft switching the browser to a chromium base has changed the game dramatically for the Edge browser. Edge is now built on Chromium, which means that Microsoft developers take the open-source Chromium source code and add their proprietary code to create a brand new browser and user experiences.

This gives birth to new features, added security and flexibility. In facts, the new Edge browser can now synchronize browser data and settings with the user’s Microsoft account.

Although the Microsoft Edge might have made grand breaking changes, the browser is not yet in the levels of other browsers likes of Chrome, Safari and Mozilla. With the current browser market share worldwide, it shows Edge has a very long way to go.


According to the Global Stats, Google Chrome takes the leading position with 65.50% of the total browser share market, followed by Safari 17.16%, and Firefox 4.14% While Microsoft Edge only account for 2.56% of the total browser market share.



Microsoft Edge may be behind for now, but if Microsoft continues with its new trend of innovation in the browser, it will soon start taking the spotlight.


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